Azuma Foods Mission Statement
With an ever evolving food culture, we find it difficult to be satisfied with simply “safe” and “delicious” foods.
Since our founding, Azuma Foods’ mission is to strive to make products that are innovative and new to the market.

Domestic Division

As food culture and eating habits continue to change, we see new problems developing in the world of food. The need for increasing the safety and reliability of food is greater than ever.

Now that food safety has become the primary concern for many, we use our various facilities that operate under our HACCP system, and every day we try to improve our hygiene protocols to be better.

While valuing the ever changing food culture and adopting the needs developed from internationalization, we strongly respect the long tradition of Japanese taste. By focusing on both men and women, young and old, our product development combines the "old and new" while prioritizing safety.

Overseas Division

Our customers' trust is what we value most at Azuma Foods. We earn your trust and confidence through personal attention, passion for what we do, and our commitment to a lasting relationship.

We are committed to providing customers with the best products and customer service. Recently, we have taken our capabilities to the next level by building a state-of-the-art, HACCP-compliant facility in Japan. Overseas, we also opened a large-scale, HACCP compliant facility in the United States while enhancing our presence in the Asia region. In addition, we restructured our R&D division to keep up with the ever-changing market.

Azuma Foods strives to bring innovation to our customers, and to remain a leading provider of quality, creative foods.
SDGsへの取り組み 弊社は、事業活動を通じてより良い国際社会の実現に貢献・応援いたします。
  • SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals:持続可能な開発目標)は2015年に国連で採択された、持続可能でより良い社会の実現を目指す世界共通の目標です。

  • 新しい産業の普及によって、新たな雇用を生み出す
  • 豊かな資源を守り、新たな雇用創出によって安定的な食糧確保を目指す
  • 新分野の商品の普及により、新たな使命と新たな経済成長を生み出す
  • 製造数・販売数を適切に管理することで、豊かな資源を守る
  • 代替品の普及によって、豊かな海の資源を守る
  • 積極的な企業連携により、魅力的な商品を発信・製造し、現存産業の衰退にも歯止めをかける

Japanese Cuisine and Beyond

"The blessing of the sea which is around Japan" --- This precious taste, if you don't leave this country once, you can't get the truly feel. We don't forget the delight that we deliver the blessings to everybody. "Taste", "Color", sometimes "Culture" is also added.

We don't forget such feeling. We would like always to work hard for the new idea that we fuse the taste which is changing with time and the traditional taste with the long history.

In the process of globalization of "Food", we put into "the reform of new culture" which is closely related to the area, we don't limit in the traditional food culture but we enrich the lives of community by the productions which are peace of mind safe and creatively. We continue to develop the new products as our mission.