Quality Control
  • Customer satisfaction is our company's top priority.
    To that end, we make every effort to ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality, but also that they meet safety compliance standards.
    Our production line follows stringent safety protocols. We've implemented the HACCP system into our quality control process, which allows us to identify where potential safety hazards may exist in the production process, and to monitor them closely in order to prevent any issues.
  • HACCP Certification

    For our customers' safety, we are constantly striving to enhance the safety of our production methods. Our company was quick to adopt the HACCP Certification for Fisheries Food Processing Facilities from the Japan Food Certification Organization (JFCO).
Clieanliness in the Processing Room
  • We make every effort to keep the processing room free of bacteria. Manufacturing equipment is cleaned and sterilized, and the room is maintained at a consistently low temperature.
    We also keep the processing room tidy, and make use of adhesive rollers and air showers to prevent foreign materials from entering the room, as shown in the following steps.
Quality Inspection
  • We conduct inspections at various points in the production line including before and after packing, using an X-ray, metal detector and other equipment.
    • Visual Inspection
    • X-ray Material Detector
    • Metal Detector
    • Weight Inspection System
  • All production at the plant, along with temperature, is monitored inside the control room to ensure that work is done in a sanitary environment. We supervise both product quality and the personal hygiene of our employees daily.
    • Microbiological

      We perform microbiological testing and random inspections of raw materials.
    • Sensory

      We check appearance, color, texture and smell of products.
    • Sample Inspection

      Sample inspections in the manufacturing process are performed to verify sanitation control.
    • Culture Sample Inspections

      We use a culture medium to inspect our employees' personal hygiene and to increase hygiene awareness.