Seasoned Raw Octopus with Wasabi
  • Tako Wasabi the most popular dish from the Izakaya(Japanese pub)

    The combination of shiokara and wasabi was a pleasant surprise.
    When we initially developed it, Tako Wasabi was not the most visually attractive dish.
    But it just tasted so good that no one could stop eating it!
    It is one of those products born from spontaneity and remains wholly original.
    Since our customers loved its flavor, we continued to make it.
    We cater to what our customers want.
    Azuma Foods Tako Wasabi "The Original"

Using our special production methods,

we are able to maintain the length of optimum level of spiciness.

たこわさびを使ったレシピ TAKOWASABI Recipe
  • Tako Wasabi with Mayonnaise

    Tako Wasabi can be served as a western style appetizer.
    • In a medium bowl. mix the Tako Wasabi, diced avocado, paprika and one teaspoon of Mayonnaise.
    • Refrigerate 1 hour for best flavor.
  • Tako Wasabi with Cream Cheese

    Tako Wasabi matches well with cream cheese. Gives it a rich taste.
    • Place a baby leaf or chicory on a small plate.
    • Put Tako Wasabi and cream cheese on top.
    • Serve with dropping olive oil.
  • Hiyayakko with Tako Wasabi

    Tako Wasabi matches with one of the most traditional Japanese food "Tofu".
    • Mix the soy sause, sugar and water together in a small bowl until sugar dissolves.
    • Place the tofu on a small plate and top with Tako Wasabi.
    • Pour the soy mixture on top.
  • Tako Wasabi Pasta

    Unique and healthy Japanese style cold pasta.
    • Cook noodles according to the direction and rinse in cold water.
    • Cook vegetables with olive oil and red pepper.
    • Mix the cooked noodles and vegetables together.
    • Pour Tako Wasabi over the top and use as much or little as you favor.
    • Cover and refrigerate for cold pasta.
  • Tako Wasabi with Ochazuke

    Ochazuke is a standard menu in Japanese cuisine.
    • Place the Tako Wasabi, green perilla and dry seaweed on steamed rice.
    • Pour hot green tea into the bowl.